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Our Services

Our areas of specialism range from traditional handcraft to high-technology manufacture, from education to business strategy. We really are a one-stop-shop for all your 3D design realisation problems.


Unlocking the potential of high-technology manufacture starts with 3D CAD modelling. We recognised this back in 2001 and are now well-equipped to assist you with 3D modelling and in preparing your files for 3D printing.


We also offer design training based on 3D modelling and Rhino3D.



3D Printing


With several different processes and materials on the scene, 3D printing - albeit now a general buzzword - remains a minefield of hard decisions and technical constraints.


Since 2002 we actively research the developments in additive manufacture and its applicability to luxury and precious manufacture. We can advise you of the best technology appropriate to your problem and help you get the best results from the process.


Luxury Manufacture

Our roots in goldsmithing define our skills, approach and attention to detail. We are passionate about well-made and well-finished products of integrity.


We have extensive knowledge of precious materials and the production processes involved. We also apply this precious approach to non-precious materials in ensuring luxury finishes.

Production Management

​We can put your product into production on your behalf. Drawing up a project plan to ensure the best management of time and budget, we will highlight dependencies and risks from the outset. We will orchestrate all the processes involved, track and manage progress and check quality throughout.


Our production management experience includes catwalk jewellery, bespoke fine jewellery, limited-edition belt buckles, hardware for leather luggage, stiletto heels, ornamental bowls, furniture and even bespoke, hand-manufactured exhibition showstands. We have helped several design students complete their graduation pieces and to produce award-winning showpieces.


Laser Cutting & Engraving


3D Creative Workshops offers laser cutting and engraving of high detail and fine tolerance, along with our siganture personal service, attention to detail and careful hands. Our French-made Gravograph machine is highly accurate, stable and reliable. We have a wide variety of materials in stock or on overnight order.


With our wide experience in applying high-technology production processes to low-volume craft products, we may even suggest an alternative and more appropriate approach to your job to suit your budget, volumes and time constraints, and could offer to manage any further assembly or processing required.



Product Development


Do you have a great design idea but don't know where to start? Or a partly developed product, but stuck on unresolved details? Let's put our heads together, brainstorm the details, iron out the issues and get your design ready for production.


We will produce virtual models and/or prototypes along the way to help you understand the process.


Our clients are spread all over the world; it doesn't matter where you are nowadays, with Skype and excellent courier services. What's more, our client testimonials highlight our extraordinary ability to support non-native English speakers.


​Years of troubleshooting and producing out-of-the-ordinary products have seen us having to devise special tools, jigs, moulds and even machine assemblies to enable production.


To us tooling forms an integral part of the design and development of a product, but sometimes our clients come to us further down the line, and that's ok too.


We draw on decades' experience of goldsmithing, metalwork, woodwork, 3D CAD, 3D printing and micromanufacture - that same multidisciplinary approach we are so valued for in our product development - to come up with a solution to your production problem to suit your budget, volumes and time constraints.

Design Training

​Throughout our careers we have always set some time apart to pass on skills. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and passion for design with enthusiastic and ambitious students of all ages. 


Get in touch for a customised and contextualised project-based design training workshop around 3D modelling and Rhino3D. We are happy to come to you!

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