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2015: UNESCO International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies

Light is one of the great sustainers of life on earth. For millenia we have revered the sun, the moon, the stars and shadows. Having the characteristics of both waves and particles, light also is one of the most baffling natural phenomena ever to the most learned people.

Without us thinking about it much, light is directly involved in the production of our food (through photosynthesis), cooking, keeping warm, sight, enhanced sight, generating electricity, telecommunications, transport and medicine - among other things. In the mid-twentieth century with the invention of laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) we were poised for a radical and fast evolution based on photonics, and today we - in developed countries - barely breathe without this science. It's in your computer, it makes the internet work...

3D Creative Workshops is all about light too. Most if our production processes are light-based, e.g. laser sintering (applied in various 3D-printing processes), laser cutting, laser engraving and laser scanning.

To mark this celebration of Light in the 21st century, we created a little video to remind ourselves how light also tickles the imagination and inspires us as designers. What made you stop and stare recently?

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